Major Supporters
Padmashree C.K.Menon
Shri.C.K.Menon,Chairman and Managing Director, BEHZAD International Transport Company, Kuwaitand Behzad Diesel Trading, Sharjah has been a patron of Adarsh from2006. He has really been a patron of Adarsh in every sense of the word, even before becoming the chief patron officially. His financial contribution of over Rs.80  Lakhs is the single largest contribution to Adarsh from any corporate body or individual. His wise counsel and empathetic reaction, accompanied by appropriate help have made him an integral part of Adarsh

Give Foundation Mumbai

Give India , Mumbai, a funding NGO based at Mumbai has been the most consistent fund raiser for Adarsh.  From August 2006 , when Adarsh was  registered with them, the monthly receipts of donations channelized through them have been steadily rising, reaching a figure of Rs 13 lakhs during 2011-12.  The total receipts from them till April 2012 was Rs …. A very heartening feature of donations received through Give India is the fact  that all but a very few are donations in small lots from well meaning  benefactors who are obviously impressed by the effort of Adarsh towards amelioration of the lot of children with challenges . Spreading awareness about the problem of disability in children, its magnitude and the various methods in which NGOs engaged in the field can be helped  is a very important aim of Adarsh and,  therefore, the role of Give India in this respect Adarsh values very greatly . Through frequent communications and even physical checks, they have helped Adarsh to update and correct their procedures to ensure greater degree of transparency  and thus Give India has been also a  guide and  morale booster for Adarsh.

Shri.N.Krishnan,  former Executive Director and Head of Research CLSA India Ltd, and now  MD Samhita,  Mumbai has been a constant source of financial support and encouragement in many ways to Adarsh. His personal contribution is close to Rs.35 Lakhs. In liaising with Give India foundation as well as other willing donors and arranging large donation from them, Shri Krishnan has been a great help to Adarsh. We are sure that we can look forward to his continued help.

Shri.Ramesh Kymal
Shri.Ramesh Kymal,Managing Director Vestas India (Formerly NEG Micon),  and now MD Gamesa Chennai has been associated with Adarsh for over 8 years. It was his personal understanding of the working of Adarsh, the important role it is playing not merely in respect of children getting trained in Adarsh but also in the community around, that helped him to include Adarsh as one of the major projects of Vestas and now Gamesa  in their "Corporate Social Responsibility" sector. The financial help from them at regular intervals has been such that Adarsh has come to believe that whenever an urgent need arises, Kymal  could be contacted and depended up on. So far their combined  financial help has been Rs.24 Lakhs.

Shri.Kochouseph Chittilappilly
Shri Kochouseph Chittilappilly  Chairman of V-Guard Industries is a well known person in Kerala , not only as an inspiring  entrepreneur but also as a  great human being worth emulating, for his benevolent acts of kindness towards fellow human beings. From the Trust which he is heading, he has contributed to Adarsh so far over Rs 20 lakhs for Adarsh .and continues to be a source of hope and inspiration for Adarsh.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Cochin

Right from 2001-02, BPCL have extended  financial help to Adarsh .on a number of occasions. The most recent lot of contributions was towards the Home Based Rehabilitation  project under which Adarsh has set up 4 teams  each team headed by  a Physiotherapist  assisted by one or more teachers. These  teams visit about 8 children a day at their homes and attend to their therapy and educational  needs.  To provide  such a team , it costs Adarsh about Rs 4. 5 lakhs a year  and for over  2years BPCL has been supporting Adarsh for 2 such teams , set up under  this project. This has been a very timely help which has  helped  Adarsh to help about 75-80 children .per month.  And but for BPCL’s help it would not have been  possible to maintain this  service. In fact, the example set by BPCL has enthused others to follow their lead and now Adarsh has 4 such teams . So  far , BPCL’s financial help has totaled Rs 18 Lakhs  

Shri Unni Bhaskar. Managing Director , Countach Group , Dubai
Starting with  the provision of the lift in the new school building in December 2005, Shri Unni Bhaskar  has been sponsoring several of our projects. In April 2008, he sponsored a visit of our chairman to Dubai to participate in a cultural programme of Kala Bhavan,Dubai. At the venue and earlier, the working of Adarsh was so well and favourably  projected that the Chairman, was able to return to Adarsh with a collection of over Rs. 4 Lakhs. Shri Bhaskar's contributions  have so far exceed Rs. 12 Lakhs.

Think India Foundation, Texas Dallas, USA
Think India Foundation is a Non profit NGO based in USA. They came to Adarsh through Give India. It was sometime in 2008-09, Adarsh uploaded a project proposal for constructing additional class rooms for the children in their website. After going through the proposal, Think India Foundation showed interest and contacted us through Give India. After a series of discussion with the Management, the foundation donated Rs.11 Lakhs for the project. The project cost was Rs.30 Lakhs and was fulfilled with the help from Padmashree C K Menon.

Given above is only a list of donors who have contributed more than Rs 10,00,000/  to Adarsh. In addition, there are ever so many others who have contributed less amounts. Adarsh is  no less beholden to them .It is only the lack of space in a brief brochure like this that militates against their names being  mentioned individually. Adarsh will always remember their help , as ,for 55% of its needs for running its 2 Rehabilitation Centres and for  projects which are running at any time, Adarsh depends entirely on such donations.