In spite of Inclusive Education being touted as a significant development in the field of disability, the experience of Adarsh, which has 60 of its children studying in mainstream schools, has not been too happy. It is realized that many disabled children will find it difficult to cope with the rigours of normal school life, particularly in Indian rural conditions, without adequate training and preparation. In fact Adarsh wants to act as a Transition phase for children with challenges to join a mainstream school. Adarsh hopes to address the problems of such children with special needs, by detailed study of these problems and prepare them and their parents mentally and physically. It is necessary also to take into confidence the managements of these schools. The formation of an Association of Parents of Old Students of Adarsh (APOSA) is a major step in this direction, whereby a forum is created for the parents to get together, share their experiences, views and opinions and thereby enable their children to gain a more enriching school experience.

It has been the experience that some of the children who left Adarsh to join a mainstream school have not been getting back to Adarsh even when they felt compelled to leave the mainstream school due to adjustment problems. One of the aims of APOSA is to find a solution to this problem and either persuade them to come back to Adarsh (3 such children returned) or to devise some other solution which will provide a system of therapy and academic/vocational training for these children.