For CP children with orthopedic challenges, mobility is one of the most severe problems. Their movement to and from the school is therefore a real constraint for the parents. Availability of public transport particularly during peak hours is not adequate for children with special needs and carrying a child, even over short distances except the very small ones is a very difficult task for a mother. Realizing this Adarsh. , procured a van sometime in 2000. This by itself led to an increase in the number of children, their regular and punctual attendance in the school and thereby deriving the full benefit of the facilities available in the school. A second van was purchased in early 2003. Today we have 9 (1 owned and 8 hired) vans and over 155 (July 2017)children of Adarsh use the facility of transportation to and from the school. The additional advantage of the school having its own vans is that the children are picked up and dropped back at their door step, which saves their mothers considerable time and effort. In most cases the parents also save on expenditure on transportation by using the school van.