Training for Cerebral Palsy

Goals of Therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy:

  • Reduce Developmental Delay/Regain Developmental milestones
  • Relax Stiff Muscles
  • Encourage movements, which reduce spasticity
  • Prevent deformities
  • Provide support in good position.
  • Encourage movements so that the muscles develop normal tone.
  • Learn to hold with the hands, to steady uncontrolled movements.
  • Improve balance in kneeling, standing and walking.
  • Stand and walk steadily.
  • Control unsteady shaky movements, especially of the hands.
  • Improve Communication
  • To make her/him independent in adult life

Training facilities

  • Early Intervention-Infant sensory and motor stimulation
  • Neuro Developmental Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Developmental Physical therapy
  • Clinical Physiotherapy
  • Lung-build up program- Conductive Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Nutrition and General health care supports
  • Feeding training
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Speech Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Special Education
  • Academic training under NIOS syllabus
  • EMG Biofeedback