An institute for the habilitation of differently abled children, i.e. those with brain damage, having symptoms of Cerebral Palsy and other sensory-motor childhood developmental disorders was started at Tripunithura in 1998, under the name of Adarsh by a Charitable Trust registered under the same name.

Adarsh Charitable Trust office and the main Rehabilitation Centre, Kureekkad 

The intention was to "rehabilitate patients with Cerebral Palsy ( CP ) and persons with other disabilities". Keeping in view the resource constraints and limited technical expertise available, right from the beginning, till July 2003, the school was concentrating only on children with Cerebral Palsy. From July 03 when a separate wing for habilitation of children with Autism was added. Since the attempt has been to cover more disabilities, we added Learning Disorders and Down Syndrome also in 2008.The section for children with Learning Disorders works at our Vennala Centre. Today (March 2019) the centres at Kureekkad has 291 children and Vyttila centre has around 70 children belonging to all religions and communities.