Even after a child leaves Adarsh and moves over to a mainstream school, we do not lose complete touch with them. We have set up an Association of Parents of Old Students of Adarsh (APOSA), which meets from time to time and discusses the progress of their children in mainstream schools, the difficulties, if any, they face and help which can be rendered by Adarsh like some therapy, during nonschool hours, visits from teachers of Adarsh to the schools, visits to the homes of the children for interaction with parents, members of the extended families etc. Interaction between the members of APOSA and other parents also helps in infusing confidence among the latter and preparing them for the life of their child in a mainstream school. Such interaction is actively encouraged.

Another important factor which helps in smooth transition of a child with disability into a mainstream school is that the Special School environment ie. the daily activities like academics, play activities, group sessions and extracurricular activities like craft, music etc. should closely resemble that of a mainstream school. At Adarsh itself, the effort is to provide an atmosphere like that of a normal school. The day starts with a prayer, assembly, pledge and the time set apart for therapy is just another period or periods like those for any subject. Children have a school diary. Children are encouraged to actively participate in games, sports, music etc. to the extent possible by them. They are taken out on picnics, to visit cinema houses, have celebrations for Teacher‘s Day, Children‘s Day etc.

The information on important lessons and experience that Adarsh has learnt in providing for Inclusive Education for children with challenges is being disseminated to other special schools, those started with the help of Adarsh as well as others. The study conducted by Bharat Mata College, Kochi will be used for this purpose.

The fact that, till now over 50 children left Adarsh and are pursuing studies in mainstream a significant extent.