Hydro therapy

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy using water as the medium for exercise. The buoyancy of water helps in increasing range of motion of joints and strengths of muscles. In children with Cerebral Palsy , apart from these advantages, hydrotherapy helps in reducing the tone of spastic muscles. In the case of children with Autism, it helps in

  • Stimulating vestibular system
  • Reducing hyperactive behavior
  • Tactile stimulation


Hydrotherapy has been seen to help in all types of disability, the results varying depending on the type and nature of the disability. For this purpose Adarsh has installed a new hydrotherapy pool in the year 2015 with the help of Sri. E.P George(Novelty Textiles) and Rotary club of Cochin Global. Around 50 children are undergoing hydrotherapy regularly.