Computer training

Children at Adarsh, those affected by Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down syndrome and Learning Disorders are capable of using computers. With the present level of pervasive nature of computers, it will be a great boon if the children are trained in the use of computers. In fact, some of them can express themselves only through such an assistive device. With this end in view, computer training had been introduced in a small way for more than a year. But it was only in February 2008 that a proper "computer lab" could be set up, thanks to the donation of 5 computers by Tata Consultancy Services. Of these 5, one has a modified track ball for use by a boy who can operate a mouse only with his foot. Another has an additional software an "Optic mouse" for a girl who operates the key board through her eyes with the help of a sensor affixed on her forehead. Further modifications will be carried out and software installed based on the actual need as training progresses. About 50 children have been assessed to be capable of benefiting by training in use of computers. Computer classes have now been built into their timetables