Multiple Disability
Multiple disabilities is a term for a person with several disabilities, such as a sensory disability associated with a motor disability. Depending on the definition, a severe intellectual disability may be included in the term "multiple disabilities". Individual usually has more than one significant disability, such as movement difficulties, sensory loss, and/or a behavior or emotional disorder.


People with severe or multiple disabilities may exhibit a wide range of characteristics, depending on the combination and severity of disabilities, and the person’s age. There are, however, some traits they may share, including:

  • Students with multiple disabilities may become fearful, angry, and upset in the face of forced or unexpected changes
  • May execute self-injurious behavior
  • May have limited self-care skills and independent community living skills
  • A variety of medical problems such as seizures, sensory loss, hydrocephalus, and scoliosis may accompany severe disabilities


A multi-disciplinary team consisting of the student’s parents, educational specialists, medical specialists occupational therapists, speech/language therapist should work together to plan and coordinate necessary services. 

At present over 79 (March 2019) children with multiple disability  are undergoing habilitations in the main centre.