Trial Pravesanotsavam 2020
01 June 2020

In India,especially in Kerala, schools reopen normally after summer vacation on 1st June 2020. But in 2020-21 academic year witnessed a special scenario caused by Covid 19 pandemic. Schools, colleges, institutes are closed due to lock down for the last 3 months since the spreading of Covid 19 started in March 2020.

2020-21 academicyear will be a special year for all special schools in Kerala and for Adarsh itis too special. Considering the present scenario caused by Covid-19 pandemicnot only in our state but around the globe, we are forced to change thelearning strategies. Finding that school reopening and children attendingschool is a rare possibility for at least 3-6 months. Govt. of Kerala isplanning to launch online platform for children in the normal stream schoolsfrom 1st June onwards. But so far no such facilities for childrenwith special needs. In this connection, Adarsh envisages something special forits special children.

PARIGYAN, aschool at home collaborative initiative between Punarjeeva Technology Solutionsand Adarsh Special School, focuses on the continual learning of the differentlyabled children in such difficult times, as today. Through online platforms, thefaculty and students of the special school will be able to proceed with theirlearning, as in normal classrooms. In addition to academics and to ensure thatthe children do not miss out on their physiotherapy sessions , the team fromPunarjeeva Technology Solutions would also be involving the children in digitaltherapy sessions using Artificial Intelligence based algorithms and techniques.The algorithms that are based on human pose estimation techniques, will capturethe body positioning and movements and these will in turn be mapped to thegamified exercises undertaken by the children. To ensure that the movementcapabilities are rightly captured from all angles, various activities will beprovided. Apart from Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality based solutionswill be rolled out to help them move around their homes while engaging them indifferent activities and hence warranting mobility from both gross motor andfine motor aspects. Extending the initiative for hearing impaired children, aplatform that will incorporate live speech to text conversion in videoconferencing platforms in a multilingual(Malayalam and English) format will beimplemented. This will help the hearing impaired children to be a part of thelarger educational initiative.

Finding thatchildren with profound level of disability, the platform may not be effective,we have selected mild, moderate and severe category of challenged children forthis programme. Such 280 children will get the benefit through this programme.If everything goes well, we intend to extend this programme to children outsideAdarsh where resources are limited. So with all your support a Adarsh organizesa “digital Pravesanotsavam” on 3rd  June 2020.