Vocational Training Class
13 June 2017

In Adarsh, around 65 children are above the age of 18 years. This numberis increasing every year. Vocational Training, is the only knownprogramme available for these children.  If these children are taught meaningful and useful vocations they can earnfrom them. This will in turn helps the children to enhance their selfconfidence to lead a meaningful life. Adarsh has been doing some good vocations like Candle Making, ChappathiMaking, Paper bag making etc., To promote vocational rehabilitation, we have organizeda vocational training programme for the students of vocational unit and StardomClass . The training was conducted by Shri. V.J Jose and Smt.Priya N.K from“Towards Freedom”; a skill development training institute. They have introducedsome new vocations which our students can easily follow.