Adarsh FM Radio
03 April 2017

Adarsh FM, a new initiative by the staff of Adarsh, was inaugurated on3rd April 2017 by our principal Shri.S Aswanykumar. The main aim is to buildself confidence and self esteem in students by improving their listening andspeaking skills. It also provides an opportunity to work as a team and beupdated with current affairs. On the inaugural day, we have Minu, Remya,Nimisha and Safeer as RJs and Sharath Mohan as singer(all from the seniorsecondary class). As part of Autism awareness day, they have shared someinformation about autism along with Sharath's music. Initially programmesrelays from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. Everyday scripts are prepared by selected staffmembers under the guidance of Mr.Liju, psychologist of Adarsh and AnjanSateesh, our drawing teacher provides all the technical support.