Rehabilitation on Wheels

Adarsh Charitbale Trsut has been running a similar project in 5 panchayats near Adarsh Rehabilitation Centre for over 6 months. Towards implementation of that project,

  • A team consisting of a Physiotherapist, a Special Educator and a Teacher has been formed exclusively to implement the programme. In addition to them, a Co-ordinator has also been appointed to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the programme.
  • Out of the 86 children who attended the camp, which was conducted to identify the children with challenges, 24 children have been selected for the Home Based Rehabilitation (HBR) programme. The special HBR team visits their homes and administers training and /or therapy according to the physical and /or functional problems of each child. The programme of the visit of the team has been drawn up in such a manner as to ensure at least 1 visit to each child in a week to start with. After the initial assessment children who need more care will be visited more often. A van has been deployed exclusively for the use of this team for the team from 1000 hrs to 16 hours. Now, the number of children has been increased to 35.
  • From out of the children detected as in need of surgery, 5 children have already been operated on (2 ENT, 1 orthopedic, 1 pediatric and 1Neuro). The surgery for the other 3 will be conducted soon.
  • Assistive devices are supplied to all the 24 children in need of them.

Encouraged by these results, it has been decided to take up a similar project in 4 other panchayats .The project also like the earlier one aims to identify various disabilities in children as early as possible and provide the necessary intervention. The focus will be mainly on the Anganwaadis as the screening programme will be most productive with very small children between the ages of 3 and 6.

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