Trust and Trustees

A public charitable trust in the name of Adarsh Charitable Trust was registered in April 1998 with 12 trustees including three 'settlers'.

The objects of the Trust were as follows:

  1. For helping physically handicapped and mentally retarded persons
  2. To rehabilitate persons with Cerebral Palsy and persons with other disabilities
  3. To give medical assistance and relief to those who are poor and have become mentally and physically retarded through accidents or other calamities.
  4. To establish and/ or construct, run and aid institutions, medical relief centers for this purpose
  5. To promote research in the field of community based rehabilitation programs
  6. To do any and all other lawful things as the trust may deem fit for the attainment of all or any of its objectives

Keeping in view the in adequate availability of financial and technical resources, in the beginning the trustees decided to set up a school for a rehabilitation institute only for children with Cerebral Palsy. This school started functioning under the name Adarsh from June 1998. With more experience and better availability of resources, in July 2003 a separate section for children with Autism was started. In 2008, sections for Down syndrome and Learning Disorders were also added. At present (March 2019) out of among 291 children, there are around 100 children with Cerebral Palsy and 48 children with Autism, 26 children with Down Syndrome, 38 children with Mental Retardation and 79 children with Multiple Disability. At CDEIRC around 70 children with Learning Disorders are undergoing training

The overall administration, management and control of the affairs of the Trust and its properties vest in a Board of Trustees, constituted for this purpose from out of the present 26 Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets once a year at an Annual General body Meeting held before the end of July every year. At this meeting , the performance of the Trust is reviewed. To facilitate a meaningful review, the Secretary presents a detailed report of its activities at every meeting and the audited income and expenditure statement pertaining to the year under review.

The Board of Trustees shall have the following powers:

  1. To appoint auditor or auditors to audit the accounts of the Trust and of the institutions under the Trust and to fix his or their remuneration.
  2. To amend the objects of the Trust with the previous sanction of the Commissioner of Income Tax.
  3. To sell or otherwise dispose of the immovable properties of the Trust or borrow funds on the security of the immovable properties of the Trust.


1. C.K.Menon- Chief Patron

2. N.Krishnan-Patron





1.K.Neelakantan-Chairman Emeritus

2. K.P.Padmakumar-Chairman

3. V.Sathyanarayanan-Vice Chairman

4. P.R.Mahadevan- Secretary

5.N.Sathees Kumar -Treasurer

6. O.M.Mahadevan-Member

7. C.B.Moahanan- Member

8. P.Veeraraghavan-Member

9. P.N.Narayanan-Member. 

10. M.A.Mohammed Ali-Member

11. K.G.Unnikrishnan-Member

12. V.Surendran-Member

13. Padmasree. C.K.Menon-Member

14. A.R.Reghunath-Member

15. R.Venkiteswaran-Member

16.  Suresh Gopi-Member (BRAND AMBASSADOR)

17. Justice Harun-Al-Rashid-Member

18. P.I.Gopinath-Member

19. A.S.Shenoy-Member

20. Dr.Abraham.K.Paul-Member

21. K.Vijayan-Member

22. Simon John-Member

23. Riaz Ahmed- Member

24. Dr.Sachidananda kamath- Member

25. K.Venugopal - Member

26. Dinesh Thampi - Member