About Adarsh

Adarsh started with 7 children, in June 1998 as a day center and continues to be so. Imparting early sensory motor developmental therapy and academic training, it has many success stories to its credit. In the last 10 years alone, around 75 of its students left Adarsh to pursue their studies in mainstream schools, with their disability factor considerably reduced and confidence and social interaction ability levels built up. A very welcome feature in the growth pattern of Adarsh is the increased enrolment of young children, below 6 years, every year. Today out of around 272 children, over 30 constitute such an "Early Intervention Group". In the matter of rehabilitation, the earlier the intervention, the better.

Adarsh has 9 vans, which pick up 175 (Latest) children from within a radius of about 30-40 Kms and drop them back at the end of the school session. This is, no doubt, a great facility; in fact, it is a great blessing to the children and their parents. The present institution can grow further, taking in about 30 more children. Beyond that, it is preferable to establish many more such schools, each to cater to neighboring areas.

Community Based Rehabilitation projects

Buoyed by the success of Adarsh, the Trust had been able to motivate others interested in the problems of differently abled children. 13 such schools have come up at different places in Kerala, the Southern most in Venganoor near Trivandrum and the Northern most at Palakkad, together training over 300 children.

Some of the other programs of Adarsh include:

  • Rehabilitation Centre for Cerebral Palsy, Autism, & Down Syndrome
  • Remedial teaching for children with Learning Disorders
  • Awareness campaigns on child brain damage and its effect on child development
  • Early identification
  • Early Sensory stimulation
  • Mobility training to develop motor areas
  • Visual stimulation
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention
  • Screening of Babies at Risk and Intervention
  • Play School- Readiness programme
  • Medical support
  • Parent counselling
  • Home based training for those who cannot attend even a special school.
  • Conducting motivation campaigns to spread awareness and medical camps to facilitate identification.

At Adarsh Special School, Kureekkad, total number of students is 272 (As on 16.06.2018). Age-wise students details are as follows:







Above 15


At Adarsh CDEIRC, total number of students is 70-80  (Latest) as in June2018