Home Based Rehabilitation Programme (HBRP)
In spite of special schools being setup, there is a section of society which is unable to utilize these benefits, due to lack of awareness, financial difficulties etc. For such sections, adarsh has set up a "Home Based Rehabilitation programme". It is a group that consists of mainly disabled children and their parents only. Such a group of children has already been formed in the vicinity of adarsh. It acts as a forum for the parents to discuss and share their problems. In addition,, counseling for the mothers , therapy and academic training are also provided.
These children and their mothers are visited by a team of experts comprising a Special Educator and a Therapist of Adarsh on 2 days in the week, at their homes and attends to a programme of therapy and academic /skill training according to the needs of the children. This unit now works only in some selected Panchayats in and around our special school at Kureekad. It is estimated that one such team can handle 30 challenged children. We have sent a project proposal to the Govt. of India for sanction and assistance to set up such a Home Based programme. If the Govt. approves of the project and helps us financially, we will be able to set up more such units in other Districts also.”

E.Nandakumar, Executive Director, BPCL-KRL, inaugurates Home Based Rehabilitation  Programme
Since its Inauguration, growth of this unit was enormous. At the time of Inauguration we have been providing this service to only 15 chidren from 3 Panchayats in and around Adarsh. Slowly more children and their parents started showing interest in this programme. So we had decided to extend the service to more children and more Panchayats. 
Then on 14/03/2010, an extensive medical camp was organised with the help of AMAS, BPCL, IAP Cochin. Almost 100 children from 4 Panchayats ( Thiruvaniyoor, Thiruvamkulam, Puthencruz and Chottanikkara) attended the camp. From the camp 24 children were selected for Home Based Programme. After detailed evaluation of all selected children and discussion with their parents, a comprehensive Home Based Unit was started functioning from 01/6/2010. A team exclusively for this, including a Physiotherapist,  Special Educator and  a Teacher Assistant was formed to implement the programme. The programme went on very well. Slowly more children were added. This forced us to think about to set up another team for another 4 or 5 more Panchayats. A feed back meeting of parents of these children, which was held on 19/09/2010, confirmed the need of such group or programme. From December 2010, another team was set up. Over 30 more children were identified. During the course of time, 3 more units were added, covering around 120 children from 10 panchayats. 

Now 5 teams together, help around 150 children from 15 Panchayts in and around Adarsh. Our ultimate aim to make Ernakulam District Disabled friendly i.e. all the children with challenges are attended to their problems even in a small way.

We have a plan to set up another 15 teams for the entire Ernakulam District, which will help around 600 children. This is one of our major projects for the Vison 2020. To fullfil this project we need help from Philanthropic individuals and organizations or coprorate bodies. Average expense for a team for a year is around 4-5 lakhs.