Community Based Rehabilitation

Objectives of Community Based Rehabilitation

  1. Assisting to set up Special Schools in various parts of Kerala
  2. Bringing the disabled children and their parents in to mainstream
  3. Creating awareness among the parents of the disabled children about medical care, need & availability
  4. Delivering knowledge about habilitation methods to other similar institutes who need it.
  5. Educating the community to accept disability and help them to identify it as early as possible.

Setting up new special schools

  1. Studies all over the world indicate that the incidence of Cerebral Palsy & Autism is about 5-6 in thousand births. Some localized studies in Kerala also confirm these figures. This means that, out of 37 lac children, under the age of 6 in Kerala (Source: Census of 2001), over 200000 are affected by CP, Autism and Down Syndrome. The incidence of Learning Disability is 12-14%. In far-flung areas, rehabilitation is certainly not possible for want of adequate number of institutions. In fact, in the whole state of Kerala with a population of 3.2 Crores and population of 37 lacs under the age of 6, there are hardly a handful of institutions attempting specific rehabilitation for children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down syndrome separately.
  2. Adarsh has been successful in motivating others interested in the problems of differently abled children. The following special schools have come up as a result of motivation of and with the technical support of Adarsh.

We could also extend our technical expertise to 4 existing special schools, where children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism were not getting proper rehabilitation assistance. There, we usually do all the basic assessment and intervention according to the need of the child. During the initial period, we send our teachers to the school for technical support who are also given training at Adarsh. Such technical support was given to the following special schools:

Medical Assistance

Adarsh believes that the medical problems that children with challenges face cannot be ignored by special schools on the ground that 'disability is not a medical problem'. At Adarsh we believe that the correct position is that 'disability is not only a medical problem' and that, therefore, unless the medical problems of the affected children are also attended to simultaneously with therapy , development of skills and academic training , the rehabilitation of the child gets delayed/affected to that extent. It has, therefore, been our effort to associate experts in several medical disciplines in which our children need help from doctors. We have a panel of distinguished medical practitioners of various disciplines. We take advice from them on all medical problems, arrange for periodical and special examination of children by the concerned specialist and even help in arranging for surgery and post surgical assistance


  1. Dr Abraham K Paul MD ( Ped), DCH
    Pediatrician, Cochi Hospital, Ernakulam
  2. Dr Deepak Sharan
    MS Ortho, DNB Ortho, Dip.Ortho, MSC Orthopedic Engineering (UK),
  3. Dr. S.Sachidanada Kamath, MD (Ped)
    Pediatrician, Welcare Hospital, Ernakulam
  4. Dr. Chalam Das, MD (Psychiatry)
    Child Psychiatrist
  5. Dr. Neena Shilen MD (Pediatrician), FAAP (USA)
    Developmental Pediatrics (Sunrise Hospital)
  6. Dr. Biju Raju, MS., FNB (Vitreoretinal Diseases)
    Eye Surgeon, Rejnini Eye Clinic, Vyttila, Ernakulam.
  7. Dr (LT.Col) MathewsT. George, MS
    ENT Surgeon, SHRAVAN, Vyttila, Ernakulam
  8. Ms.Prabha Ranganathan, M Phil (Psychology)
    Consultant Psychologist

Awareness programs through Camps

To create awareness about various disabilities, usually we conduct medical camps, seminars and workshops. Our aim is to bring all the disabled children to mainstream along with their parents. With these programmes, we are able to assess various problems of these challenged children and also to direct them to the appropriate institutions for the remedy of their children's problems. Eminent people from the concerned field of disability are brought for these programmes so that parents get a comprehensive idea about the scope of rehabilitation of their children.

Though we are dealing children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism only, we conduct camps for children with other challenges too. For this, we have tied up with various special schools, which deal children with various disabilities other than Cerebral palsy and Autism.